Funny Wisdom Teeth Aftermath Videosge

The year is almost at a close and some of the funniest viral videos of the year are all thanks to the wisdom teeth removal surgeries of teens around the country. Some of the videos have anywhere from 3 million to 13 million views. Here’s a list of the five funniest “Aftermath” videos that went viral in 2016.

1. “Brothers Convince Little Sister of Zombie Apocalypse”

YouTube Channel: Cabot Phillips

This story takes sibling pranks to a new, hilariously creative level. These brothers went so far as to play a fake radio emergency alert on the way home from her surgery. Even mom was in on the joke who called on speakerphone to help add merit to the story. After driving around with garden tools and the family cat, the brothers finally let her in on the joke and take her home to sleep it off.

2. “Loopy Twins Wisdom Teeth”

YouTube Channel: edwardjohnson4

These sisters couldn’t be more opposite. One just wants to sleep it off and have a good cry and the other one is losing her mind and trying to “protect” her sister.

3. “Wisdom Teeth Surgery Aftermath”

YouTube Channel: Fresh Men

Over the course of the 16-minute video, we watch the transformation of a seemingly laid back teen boy to a singing and dancing sensation that wants a hippo flavored milkshake. He even uses the force to open the car door when he gets home.

4. “Wisdom Teeth- Best Reaction Ever

YouTube Channel: Maddi Studer

This teen girl thinks a woman in the office is Ellen DeGeneres and when she finds out she isn’t, she starts crying. Her pointer fingers have a fight with each other, and she decides she wants to make necklaces for her friends with her pulled teeth. Ellen even surprises her by having her on the show where she talks about how she watched over 100 Ellen videos the night before the surgery to help calm her dental related anxiety.

5. “Official Wisdom Teeth Hannah Montana”

YouTube Channel: Hannah Redfield

After having her wisdom teeth removed, this Hannah is heartbroken that people don’t get her personal expression in her music videos and she’s worried the paparazzi will find her since she claims she is the real Hannah Montana. She even sings an adorable rendition of “Party in the US” and says Miley Cyrus is trying to steal her identity.

One of the common themes in all of these videos is the age of the patients. Dr. Kevin Pollock, DDS MS, Board Certified Diplomate of the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery says,

“The third molars, or wisdom teeth, typical complete development during them idle teenage years into the early twenties. Many people have jaws that are just too small to accommodate all four wisdom teeth. Sometimes things are so crowded they can’t even erupt, and they become impacted. Having wisdom teeth removed in adolescents is ideal because the longer they are allowed to develop, the longer the roots become and the denser the jawbone becomes making surgery more complicated. In general, you will heal faster, more predictably and have fewer complications if treated in your teens or early twenties.”

Most teens recover very quickly and easily from wisdom teeth removal surgery. A few days of rest and limited activities and they are normally right back in action. Those in their thirties and older sometimes have a longer and harder road to recover and can experience a higher risk of complications. As the videos show, these teens are so well medicated following their surgery they appear to feel nothing at all, a welcome feeling after any medical procedure.