New Toothbrush Promises Clean Teeth in 10 Seconds

A new product making waves on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter claims it will save you up to 100 days of your life that is normally wasted on long tooth-brushing sessions as recommended by dentists everywhere. So far, the product has raised more than $3 million, far surpassing the creator’s goal of $57,052.

 How the 10-Second Toothbrush Works

The Amabrush toothbrush consists of three separate pieces: the mouthpiece, the hand piece and a toothpaste capsule. The mouthpiece and the hand piece are held together by a magnet so they can be taken apart as needed. The hand piece vibrates the bristles to clean teeth, and a built-in function automatically delivers just the right amount of toothpaste from the capsule into the mouthpiece.

To use the Amabrush, you simply place the device in your mouth and push the button to turn it on, then allow it to brush your teeth for 10 seconds. The product is tech-heavy, with a battery that lasts up to a month and can be charged wirelessly. It even uses a specific algorithm to control different vibrations and resonant frequencies to ensure a proper cleaning in such a short time, all without the use of your hands.

10 Seconds Can’t Be Enough for Clean Teeth

Most dentists recommend cleaning teeth for two to three minutes twice a day, according to Dr. Kevin Pollock, DDS, founder of Rockwall Oral and Facial Surgery in Texas.

“Three minutes is really the best policy because that gives you a minute and a half each for the top and the bottom set of teeth,” he said. “Most people don’t think about the fact that each tooth has three exposed surfaces — the back, the front and the top — that each need to be cleaned individually when brushing.”

The Amabrush Kickstarter page claims this revolutionary new brush can clean in just 10 seconds because it cleans all the teeth at the same time. It even claims to clean each tooth surface longer than traditional brushing accomplishes because the Amabrush creator’s research shows that each surface typically only receives 1.25 seconds of cleaning versus the 10 seconds its new product promises.

Sharing Toothbrushes Has Always Been Frowned Upon

Amabrush also claims it can break the traditional rule against sharing toothbrushes. With regular brushes, dental professional discourage sharing due to the easy transmission of germs and bacteria. Amabrush’s creator says with this product the whole family can share just one hand piece with each person only needing to buy individual mouthpieces. Right now there is only one size available that fits ages 14 and up, but the company says a child size is in the works and should be available soon.

The first products are set to be sent to the pilot testing group of Kickstarter backers in October of this year, with the rest of the supporters receiving their Amabrushes in December.